Parish Council - 2021

Meetings of the Parish Council are held regularly at the BYPA Hall in Manor Lane. All villagers are welcome to attend. Every meeting includes a Public Participation section where villagers may express ideas or concerns to the Council. The meetings commence at 8pm, last about an hour and there are normally around nine such meetings a year. You can contact the Parish Council via email or the drop-down menu of this website's Contact Us page. 

Following the COVID restrictions, the Parish Meetings are being held REMOTELY
(via Zoom).

A list of the current Parish Councillors is shown below.

Parish Council meeting dates, Agendas and Minutes for 2021 are shown below.
For the previous year's please select :- 2020 2019, 2018, 2017.

To access historical Parish Council Agendas/Minutes, from 2016 - 2004 please click here

– Please inform the parish clerk if you do not give consent to print your name in the minutes or on agendas.

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
Monday 11th January 2021 Click here Click here
Monday 22nd February Click here Click here
Monday 29th March Click here Click here
Monday 17th May - Annual Meeting. Click here Click here
Monday 28th June
Monday 26th July
Monday 13th September
Monday 25th October
Monday 6th December
Monday 17th January 2022

Note:- Parish Council meetings are held using Zoom, details of how to connect are available from the Parish Clerk.

Parish Council SMALL GRANTS AWARD Scheme:

A Small Grants Awards scheme has been inaugurated with an application deadline of August 31st; enabling the first Grant payments to be in May 2022.

Baydon Parish Council is committed to supporting and strengthening the many community groups and organisations that help to make a positive difference to the residents in the Parish.

For more details and application forms please click here.

Baydon Parish Chair
Sarah Chidgey

Baydon Parish Clerk
Kim Lloyd
07867 310121

Current Parish Councillors are :-

Mackenzie Smith
07795 288302 01672 540456 01672 520462 07769 773979

Councillor responsibilities (30/11/2020)

Function Sarah Brian Hugo Steve
Allotments X        
Banking   X   X  
Beating the Bounds X X X    
Christmas Events X X X    
Drainage       X  
Footpaths (Paved) X X     X
Grass cutting X X      
Hedgerows     X    
Highways X        
Litter & Grit bins       X  
Neighbourhood Watch         X
Notice Boards (Village & Shop) X     X  
Parish Steward       X  
Parking X     X  
Planning   X     X
Playground X X     X
Rights of Way     X    
The Green X X      
Traffic Calming X X X X X
School X   X   X
Litter X X X X X

Representatives of outside bodies
CATG - All
MAB - Hugo /Sarah
Liaison Village Shop - Sarah
Fireworks - Steve
St Nicolas Church - Hugo

Vacancies to fill
The Parish Council needs additional Parish Councillors to make the required seven Councillors.
If you are interested please contact any councilor for information.
We are potentially close to having a 'frozen' Council which would mean that you (The Villagers) will have no voice as to what happens within your village.

PROCEDURES FOR CO-OPTION of new council members (as adopted 3 September 2018)
can be found here.


Documents relating to the public finances of the Parish Council
are available online from this website - please click here to see the Parish Finances Page. 

The Parish Council has adopted the Model Publication Scheme. Please click here for a copy of the Publication Scheme for Baydon, and here for a copy of the Guidance Notes.


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