Baydon Stores in the Sun

Baydon Village Stores

Although not mandatory, we would ask that you still consider wearing a mask whilst inside the shop. Thank You.

Normal Shop and Post Office Opening Times

Monday - Friday 08:00 17:30
Saturday 08:00 13:00
Sunday & Public holidays
(Closed Christmas Day)
09:00 11:00

Please note revised opening for Sundays and Public Holidays

Post Office

Monday - Friday (excluding Wednesday) 08:00 16:30
Wednesday   08:00 13:00
Saturday 08:00 13:00
Sunday & PH 09:00 11:00

Off Licence Times

Monday - Saturday From 08:00
Sunday & Public holidays From 10:00

Sincerest thanks Debbie and Alan
for their support to the village.

Thank you for shopping locally.
Amenities like the Post Office and village shop will only survive if you support them. Without the support of the community, these businesses are not viable and will close. Once they are gone, they will not return and will be missed particularly by the more vulnerable in the village.


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