Baydon Parish Council Meeting – Monday 28th November 2016

News report by Barbara Furber




The Parish Council meeting held on Monday 28th November 2016 was chaired by Cllr Tamsin Witt.  All councillors were present. Wiltshire Councillor James Sheppard was also in attendance, together with nine members of the public.


The minutes from the previous meeting were approved with a minor amendment from the chair.


Cllr Witt then explained that the members of the public attending a parish council meeting are just observers unless asked to speak. “Disorderly Conduct” at meetings, from the public, would cause the meeting to be suspended. This protocol was common to all parish councils and would be added to Baydon’s standing orders.


No police report had been received.


It was noted that to run efficiently the Parish Council should consist of seven councillors. After the last meeting both Kevin Howell and John Cockcroft decided to resign. Without more councillors the council will not be quorate and therefore will no longer be able to function. This will mean that Baydon Parish Council will then be merged with another council i.e. Aldbourne, and no longer exist. Therefore new councillors are urgently required !


Cllr Cockcroft’s work situation requires him to be out of the village all week, so he will be standing down at the end of the year.


Cllr Howell agreed to remain until someone else can be co-opted on.


The meeting was suspended for Public Question Time.


Debbie Moxon asked when the council will hear news of the future plans for the build-out. Cllr Witt replied that they would have to wait until the next CATG meeting in December.


Jane Archer said that she had sent photos of inconsiderate parking at the entrance of Ermin Close during the school pick up time. Cllr Witt replied that she had taken the matter up and had a productive talk with the school.


Jim Grove, on behalf of the Fireworks Committee thanked the Parish Council for their support, also Jonathan Smith for the use of the field, ladies on the gate and those who had worked as stewards. 948 people attended and £711.56 (and a few foreign coins!) has been put aside towards next year’s event.


Jim also reported blocked gullies on Ermin Street and Aldbourne Road. Cllr Cockcroft replied that he had already contacted Wiltshire Council who said that they would deal with the situation. Mr Grove also reported the blocked ditch in the lane leading to the Sewage Works.  Wiltshire Cllr Sheppard asked that people report issues using the “Wilts App” to ensure a quick response.





A letter regarding the build-out near Ermin Close, received from Mr & Mrs Garnett, had been received too late as the decision had already been made by the Council.






There had been no response to Cllr Cockcroft’s email concerning the building work in the Red Lion car park.





A new Parish Council wheelie bin has been delivered, to replace the one that was stolen.


The maintenance requirement raised by the RoSPA report concerning the playground is to be sent on to Miracle who installed the equipment. (The clearance under the roundabout and its floor surface is incorrect) Cllr Howell is to “chase” Miracle. Cllr Cockcroft agreed to file down a projecting bolt and remove the chain covers as requested in the report.


Cllr Witt reported that she had met with Trustees and the Head Teacher of St, Nicholas School with regards to making “pick up time” from school safer. It was suggested that residents be asked to volunteer their driveways where possible to allow teachers to park during the day.  The Council is to draw up a plan highlighting illegal parking areas. Cllr Witt is to follow this up with Highways. This could then be included in the school’s Welcome Packs for new parents and children.


The Parish Council will also design something to place on illegally / inconsiderately

parked cars.   Cllr Witt encouraged residents to be flexible wherever possible. This was, she added, the result of having a very popular / excellent school.  The school will be looking for funding from “Take action on journeys” to improve safety near the school.


Thanks were extended to the Johnsons for donating the Village Christmas Tree. It will be erected by the councillors and Alison Tomkin and Rob Howe this weekend.


It was noted that Cllr Cockcroft used the event shelter and in lieu of payment replaced missing pegs to the cost of £28.


Cllr Howell was given permission to use a shelter on Sunday 4th December for the event on the Green.


Cllr Witt has made repeated requests for the “Pedestrians in Road” sign to be replaced near the Cricket Field. There is £200 ear marked for this.


An informal pavement was suggested, and Wiltshire Cllr Sheppard asked if a real pavement was required. The matter is to be investigated at the next CATG meeting.


The cost of signs pointing to the Baydon Young Peoples Association (BYPA) hall is still unsure. Again it was agreed that CATG be approached with the understanding that 25% of the cost would have to be found.


An Emergency Response Team was discussed briefly and then deferred.


It was agreed that the Clerk should open a Facebook page just for information / notice board only. It is to be trialled for 6 months.


It was agreed to apply for an extra litter bin for Manor Lane.


A letter from Southern Electricity was received asking for a list of vulnerable people (who cannot manage without electricity). Letters are to be distributed throughout the village.


Cllr Witt has received, for the council, £100 compensation from Barclays Bank because the council’s card had not been received after 4 phone calls and 3 trips to the bank.





Payments approved were; Thames Water £23.12: Pittams Grass Cutting (Annual) £2970.00; Whitton Team (Printing Welcome Pack) £18.00; Clerk Phone Bill £15.00;

SSE Electricity £18.00


Bank a/c’s; Barclays Community £35,189.99; General reserve £3,672.13; Cricket fund £1,203.92; Petty cash £18.51; Total £40,084.55


The budget and precept was then discussed at great length. The Clerk said that they must be realistic about the cost of running the Parish Council. It was agreed to move all monies ring fenced into the reserve a/c.  Finally the budget was set for £18,150.00, which is Band D. Therefore there will be a slight increase in the precept (because it had been reduced previous years).





Thanks were extended to the Fireworks Committee for a tremendous evening, and to the 14 people who attended the Litter Pick. Cllr Cockcroft received thanks for taking a trailer load of rubbish to the tip afterwards.


Wiltshire Cllr Sheppard recommended that the Parish Council have a tree survey done on trees on the Parish land.


The meeting closed at 9.45 pm.







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