Baydon Parish Council Meeting – 3rd April 2017

News report by Barbara Furber



The Parish Council meeting held on Monday 3rd April 2017 at the BYPA hall was chaired by Cllr Kevin Howell. The clerk and three other councillors were present.

Apologies were received from Cllrs Tamsin Witt and Brian Billington. Seven members of the public were also in attendance.


Minutes of the meetings held on 27th February and 20th March were agreed and signed.


The Police report was received and posted on the website.


Sarah Hancock was then co-opted on to the council.


The clerk reminded councillors that the deadline for candidate nominations were now due.


In Public Question Time Barbara Furber asked that the style to the back field, near Pear Tree Cottage, be repaired.  The Beating of the Bounds was also raised and the clerk said that things were in hand.


Jenny Gribble and Heather Burch were there to represent the Allotment Association. Jenny presented the new councillors with a brief history of the allotments. Heather said that the allotment holders were prepared to do the tree maintenance. It was suggested that the mole traps be put in on the allotment side of the field, thus away from the children in the play area.  Mrs Gribble also asked if the Little Crickets could have a small part of her existing plot to do some planting.  The Council agreed it was a splendid idea, but were concerned about the young children in view of the mole traps. It was pointed out that there would be a small amount of children and lots of adults. If there was any risk the children would not be taken to the allotment. It was agreed.


Jane Archer asked who would be liable to pay if legal action was taken against the Parish Council in light of the Buildout(s). She would not be happy, she said, if it came out of the council tax. Cllr Howell replied that there were no grounds against the Parish Council as it was Highways who planned the siting.


Jim Grove reported a pothole in the middle of the Chicane at the east of the village.




A letter had been received confirming that the Red Lion is now registered as an Asset of Community Value.

Regarding a letter from Julie Wyatt, the landlord, concerning the actions of Save the Lion Team, it was pointed out that it is not a Parish Council enterprise. All correspondence should be addressed to the Team.





Permission sought by High Farm House for the erection of a new contemporary enclosed timber clad porch received no objections from the councillors. It was returned with no comment.




The clerk reported on her training sessions and said that she had the loan of a £100 book so the purchase of a copy could be postponed. She said that she now clerked for Ramsbury Council.


It was noted that the Parish Assembly would be held in the BYPA hall as the school was fully booked for the evening of the Friday 12th May.

It was agreed that the clerk carry 2 days holiday over to 2017 / 2018 as she had not already claimed them.

It was agreed to fund £66 for the cost of raffle tickets for the Church and School Summer Fayre.

It was noted that Pittams grass cutting contract was up for renewal. It was agreed that the clerk ask them for quotes.

Cllr Amy Bryan said that she would “chase up” the Parish Steward and ensure that the signs were cleaned and debris around the chicane was cleared.

There then followed a discussion on raising the cost of the allotments. It was pointed out that most allotment costs were based on a plot of 10 poles whereas Baydon’s allotments are only 4 poles in size.

It was agreed that as many allotment holders were helping with the maintenance and paying 50% of water costs, to keep rent the same for this year.

Quotes were given from companies willing to solve the mole problem in the parish field.

It was agreed that the clerk obtain more information, and other quotes. It was also agreed to pay up to £100 + VAT so that action could be taken before the next meeting.


The collating of an Emergency Response Team was discussed and agreed upon. It was noted that it would have to be reviewed annually and copies kept in strategic places. It could not be stored on the website because of data protection laws. The council will decide at the next meeting who will put the list together.


Damage done to the Ermin Street / Ermin Close verge was discussed. Wiltshire Council has refused to repair it and no one knows who did the damage. Therefore it was agreed to talk to Pittams when negotiating the new contract.


Cllr James Lawrence said that he had drafted a generic letter a copy of which will be sent to Mr Matthew Lloyd concerning hedgerows.






Cricket Fund (interest) £0.23; Allotment rental £240.00:

Bank Statements:

Barclays Community a/c £14,030.59; General Reserve £19,500.00: Cricket Fund £1,205.15: Petty Cash £20.00: Total £34,755.74:

Payments approved:

idVerde (Manor Lane Bin) £231.60: idVerde (March playground inspection) £20.60.


The item about aggression towards the council was deferred.


Councillor Amy Bryan reported that the bin next to the telephone box had not been collected, also the metal seat nearby needed attention. The latter was deferred to the next meeting.


Cllr Kevin Howell said that he was resigning as councillor due to commitments to a charity and work. This, he said, was to be his last meeting.

Thanks were extended to him for his hard work during the past five years.



Meeting closed at 8.55pm




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