Baydon Parish Council Meeting – 27th February 2017

News report by Barbara Furber




The Parish Council meeting held in the BYPA hall on Monday 27th February 2017 was chaired by Cllr Tamsin Witt. Cllrs Kevin Howell, Amy Bryan, Brian Billington and County Councillor James Sheppard were in attendance. Sarah Chidgey and James Lawrence were co-opted on to the Council. Cllr Witt welcomed them and thanked them for their support. 14 adults and 2 children also attended.


The minutes from the last meeting and the extra ordinary meeting were approved and signed.


The Police report for February had been received and posted on the Baydon website.


The clerk emphasised the need for councillors to be nominated and forms to be handed in to Devizes by 4th April. She agreed to deliver the forms if necessary. If there were more than 8 candidates there would have to be an election.


The councillors divided the duties and roles between themselves some forming small committees.


The meeting was then suspended for Public Question Time.   Tom McGowran said that he was concerned about the traffic in Manor Lane. It has, he added, become a Rat Run between 8 – 9 am and 5 – 6.30 pm particularly. Some, he added, were driving at inappropriate speeds.  Tom explained that he had questioned some drivers who said that the GPS had sent them that way. Also if there were other cars at the pinch point (chicanes) a driver would take a left into Manor Lane to avoid waiting. Tom suggested that the council look at London & Bristol where they had built barriers to stop traffic from turning left.  Making Manor Lane one way was suggested, coming from Aldbourne Road, but Mike Whale remarked that turning left into Ermin Street was very difficult now from Manor Lane.  It was agreed to discuss the problem at the next meeting.


James White spoke on behalf of Julie Wyatt (Red Lion) to say that the information posted on the website by Mark Farrell should be ignored. Mark is the ex-partner of Julie and has no part in the running of the pub now.  The clerk added that although correspondence had been received and noted the council had no desire to act on it.


Other correspondence that was circulated to the council is as follows; an email from Lydia Hogan asking to become a volunteer Litter Picker as part of her Duke of Edinburgh Award. An email from Lisa Strode asking for the stones outside of Tubbs Cottage to be removed. The clerk replied that the rocks were there to protect the verge from car parking.


A letter from John Cockcroft resigning as councillor. Cllr Witt extended a vote of thanks for his contribution during office.


An email from Richard Bayliss regarding untidy hedgerows on Aldbourne Road by the 30mph signs.





The Stables in a field along Russley Road were not in compliance with the planning permission. Felicity Harper spoke from the floor to say that they were mobile stables (on skids). The horses were housed there until the others were built, which will take about 8 weeks.


The application for a house at Top Field Farm, Aldbourne Road, has gone to appeal. The councillors could see no justification to allow planning as the land was outside the village boundary and there seemed to be no change to the business viability.




Cllr Witt then asked for item 9.5 to be raised first because Wiltshire Councillor James Sheppard needed to leave the meeting early.  She then went through a list of Transport issues outstanding. The “Pedestrians in the Road” sign which needs replacing has not been forthcoming. Highways said they would fit it if the Parish Council paid for the sign. Cllr Witt has asked for a report from Martyn Cook of Highways to see why it has not been done.  After agreeing to move the 30mph signs on Aldbourne Road down to the “gates” if the Parish Council pays for it, Highways have now put the matter on hold, as they don’t think it needs doing.  Wiltshire Councillor Sheppard said that a copy of the minutes that state their agreement would help. He agreed to support and push for a result.


Following the accident near Ridgeway View many residents have been asking for a pavement outside of Barrowdale. Cllr Witt said that she had no comments from Highways concerning the matter.  Cllr Kevin Howell pointed out that there was no easement. The landowner owned all the land right to the Road, so a purchase would be necessary.  Cllr Witt said that a reply from Highways stating the fact would be good, it could then be recorded and the Parish Council could move on.  Wiltshire Councillor Sheppard said that he would contact Martyn Cook, and the lead officer to ensure that legally the hedge is in line with the land.


Cllr Witt explained the situation concerning Traffic Calming measures along Ermin Street so far. Highways have now said that if the whole of the project was not accepted the money would be withdrawn. Cllr Witt proposed to request more time to change the plan, so as not to lose the funding. Cllr James Lawrence asked for a site meeting, which was agreed. The new council will also meet to discuss new options.  Wiltshire Councillor Sheppard emphasised that the plan had to be designed by Highways.


The siting of the BYPA hall signs are to be discussed at the CATG meeting next week.


The parking problems at school pick up / drop off times were still on going. It was reported that the school warning lights were not working, nor were the 30mph lights. These had been reported in October 2016.


The clerk then gave her report in which she outlined her new course. The qualification will cost £250 which she said could be budgeted for next year. She had also obtained new books for about £150 which was necessary for all the council. This cost was approved.  The nomination to make the Red Lion an Asset of the Community had been submitted.


Cllr Kevin Howell reported on behalf of the newly formed committee looking into the viability of the Red Lion becoming a community run project. This, he said, was not a Parish Council subcommittee. There were 9 active members who have met 3 times, drawn up a constitution and opened a Treasurers Account. Each team member has put in £20 and requests a donation from the Council of match funding.  The clerk replied that she didn’t want to be negative, but the council were already over spent this year as last year’s budget was not realistic. After much discussion Cllr Howell agreed that the Action Committee could wait until the next financial year for the donation, this was approved.


Cllr Amy Bryan outlined the work of the Parish Steward who will be in the village on 27th March and 27th April. It was agreed that Cllr Bryan would decide on priority jobs for those dates.


The Allotments were also discussed at length. Many councillors could not understand why maintenance should be done on vacant allotments when there was no waiting list.  It was agreed to ask for volunteers to do some maintenance, but a “mole catcher” must be employed as the mole hills were a safety issue.


It was agreed not to proceed with the Emergency Response Team at this time.


The Christmas Lights situation was deferred until the October meeting.


Cllr James Lawrence agreed to draft a letter to Matthew Lloyd concerning the debris from the hedgerows along Aldbourne Road.


£60 was agreed for refreshments at the Parish Assembly in the School Hall on the 12th May 2017.


A letter was received from Fraza Jane Robins chair of the Baydon Pre-school stating that OFSTED had rated them “Good”.  The new committee and trustees were pleased with the result, but were concerned at the low numbers of children attending. There was, she added, a need to recruit more.  Cllr Witt congratulated the Little Crickets on their success.




Income; Cricket Fund Interest £0.24


Bank Statements;

Barclays Community a/c £14,736.92; General Reserve a/c £19,500.00; Cricket Fund £1204.92; Petty Cash £20.00; Grand Total £35,461.84


Payments approved were;

idVerde (Playground) £20.60; Castle Water £20.32; Land Registry docs for ACV £6.00; Clerk Expenses (Phone & Travel) £24.70; WALC (Local Council Book) £49.99; SSE £21.58


Sarah Hancock attended the meeting with a view to being co-opted on in April.


The meeting closed at 9.56pm



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